Ways To Get More Customers Through LinkedIn



LinkedIn is today the best website for business, where all kinds of business professionals migrate in the hope of establishing new contacts and creating new business opportunities. It is estimated that there are currently more than 200,000 million Linked users and join Facebook and Twitter as one of the best social networking sites in the world.

Although everyone and their dog has a LinkedIn profile nowadays, for many people who know how to use it effectively, it is not an easy task. For most business owners, their experience with LinkedIn begins and ends with how many connections make thinking larger numbers turn into more wires or sales.

Unfortunately for most people this is no coincidence and once LinkedIn users do not experience results that are looking for their enthusiasm may fall in a hurry. There are countless profiles around the world that sit there with little or no activity because people have just given up thinking about LinkedIn simply does not work for them (at least when it comes to getting more customers).

Speaking from experience, however, I can say that LinkedIn is indeed a very strong promotional tool that, when used in the right way, can be a great source of free marketing for your business.

Like everything else, but in life getting the results you want takes some time and commitment, so don’t expect too fast. Once you have a better understanding of how LinkedIn works, it will help to expose your business to a completely new audience that is not available anywhere else.

At this note here are important tips to keep in mind that will help generate more interest for your business on LinkedIn:

Make sure that your profile is correctly filled in: Before taking any other action, make sure your LinkedIn profile is correctly filled in. Choosing not to fill in your LinkedIn profile in full is tantamount to filling in your job application and leaving half of the fields blank. For people who want to take your LinkedIn profile seriously, it is important to treat it as an online CV that contains your best skills and achievements. People need to see you as a reliable source of any services or products you sell before they decide to investigate your company further.

Include photos, links and videos in your profile: LinkedIn continues to evolve with every passing day and now allows you to easily add photos, links and even videos to your profile. Reading endless texts bored with visitors in a hurry, so all you can do to refine them a little is an advantage. If you have photos of your business available or your portfolio or work you want people to see make sure you turn it on in a place that is clearly visible. An image is worth a thousand words is an old but very true saying when it comes to LinkedIn or any other aspect of marketing.

Include a call for action in your profile: Instead of just typing your business data in your profile try and include something that tells visitors what you want them to do next. Invite them to view your website, join other social media sites or call for a free consultation. A call to action creates more response impulses with people who otherwise may give your profile a look, but will not respond with a sense of urgency. Do not go overboard with any full blown pitches sales but convey your message in a way that makes your guests want to take the next step.

Update your status regularly with useful content: Not updating your status on an ongoing basis is one of the main mistakes most often made by LinkedIn users and make sure that people quickly forget about you. Once you’ve made contact with people, it’s important to make sure you stay in front of the audience to get to know and recognize your brand. Include information relating to the work line that others may find helpful, including tips, articles, resources, videos or whatever else. Once people start to respect you as an authority on a particular matter they are more likely to contact you in the future.

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