Image At Home – How To Compose Them Together?



Paintings are a kind of decoration that really beautifully enlivens the interior and gives it a character. When you choose them, you can choose one that will dominate the interior or choose a few and compose them together.

You can easily transform an empty and sad wall into a unique masterpiece if you hang a decorative painting on it. How to choose the right one and compare it tastefully with others? Get to know my ways!

How to choose paintings at home?

Before you reach for the hammer and nails, precisely determine the place where the paintings will hang. First of all, look around the whole interior design. Think about what pattern and size of the decoration will match it. Will you decide on a single element or will you immediately decorate the wall with an entire gallery?

Also consider how much space you can devote to your dream graphics. Do you like multi-part canvases or abstractions? Remember that they will not look good in small sizes. So they are not a good solution for small rooms.

On the other hand, patterns such as portraits do not work on very large canvases. Pictures under 50 x 60 cm hanging alone on an empty wall do not look good either. In this case, the recipe is to create a gallery with different decorations or several paintings.

What is the width of the picture?

The right wall decoration can help you to change the proportions of the room. Longitudinal canvases or paintings with a horizontally arranged pattern are perfect for tight rooms. Thanks to them they will seem wider than in reality.

Don’t forget, however, that such a horizontal line along the wall simultaneously subtracts the height of the room. So it won’t work with a low ceiling. Here, vertical or vertical pattern paintings should be hung on the wall, which will optically slender the room.

Remember that the basic rule when determining the height of an image is to make it comfortable to watch it. Therefore, its center should be more or less at eye level, i.e. about 1.5 m above the floor level. Additionally, the picture should not be hung lower than 20¬-30 cm above the furniture standing directly under it.

Also make sure that the canvas hangs in a well lit place. So avoid walls between high furniture and right next to the window. You can also opt for a spotlight that is directed directly at the graphics.

With or without frame?

Pictures in the house are framed in two ways: in frames or so called loom (i.e. invisible frame placed under the canvas). Large canvases, especially those presenting abstract painting, will definitely look better if we give up the frame. It unnecessarily enlarges graphics and distracts attention from it. The frame is also superfluous in the case of multi-part paintings.

How to compose images together?

There are a few tricks when hanging pictures, which guarantee the success of a decoration project. Thanks to them you will easily be able to apply the best strategy and make the painting in your apartment a tasteful decoration.

You have already chosen a place and you know how to choose the right canvas for the volume of the room. You have also set the right height on which to hang the paintings. Great! Now I will show you how to plan a wall gallery in a simple way.

If you decide on one picture, it would be best to make it really big. Then it will be an important element crowning the arrangement of your interior. Hang all smaller forms according to the previously developed scheme. You can compose them in vertical and horizontal straight lines or in the outline of geometric figures.

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