Essential tools for your business trips



Useful tools if you travel for business purposes

More and more people are travelling for business reasons: congresses, fairs, meetings… Business trips are beneficial for companies and entrepreneurs, as they are an opportunity to network, meet clients and achieve a greater degree of trust with their interlocutors, by establishing face-to-face contact.

Planning a business trip is not particularly complicated, but you have to take into account certain details because, if any of them fail, they can make a business trip a success or a failure. So, if you are one of those who travel for business reasons, we suggest the following tools that will help you in your travels.

Tools for accommodation

The location of the hotel is one of the most important criteria you should take into account when booking one or the other, as it will be the place from which you often travel to attend your work commitments. Therefore, look for a hotel that is close to the companies you are going to visit. You will save money on public transport and taxis.

On the other hand, the place where you stay during your business trips will probably not only be to rest, maybe you should work or have some interviews there. So, take into account other comforts such as Wi-Fi in the room, a private room for meetings, or an area with office supplies such as fax, printer, scanner, etc.

Take a look at the wide range of hotels we collaborate with at Worktel, especially designed for business traveler. You can book the hotel that best suits your needs from your own mobile by downloading the application.

Electronic devices

The smartphone is undoubtedly the essential travel tool par excellence. Thanks to technology, business travelers can be much more productive than a few years ago, being able to connect and work on board an airplane, on a train or wherever they are, from anywhere on the planet.

If you are one of those who take advantage of every minute with your mobile phone, these applications can be useful to you, such as Trip Advisory for hotel or restaurant recommendations; Google’s translator for doubts about the language; Sky scanner to search for flights; Oanda to convert currencies; and some weather application such as AccuWeather to check the forecast.

Tools to organize business trips

Entrepreneurs and freelancers who have to travel for business reasons need to have an order of their tasks, a plus of organization. There are applications that provide effective solutions to carry all the information and tools needed at all times.

One of them is Ever-note, which will be useful to you so that you don’t lose any business idea that may come up on the flight, during a meeting or during downtime. This is a digital notebook to which you can attach all kinds of files: photos, voice recordings, videos, etc. and have them available on all your devices at any time.

Drop Box, Google Drive or Box are storage tools in the cloud, very useful not to lose information and be able to access it when necessary.

Communicating with your peers

When you’re traveling for business, it’s often difficult to keep checking your email. With Slack you can receive real-time notifications from your co-workers. It is a real-time messaging system for communication between teams and also integrates many tools (Dropbox, Google Drive, Twitter, Mail Chimp, Skype.

Tools to find new professional contacts

Business travel is a good networking opportunity, so make it one of your priorities. Talk to salespeople, assistants, partners, etc. and use platforms like LinkedIn to stay connected. Talk to salespeople, assistants, partners, etc and use platforms like LinkedIn to stay connected. Don’t forget that new contacts can become new contracts!

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