Making a Cruise is the dream of many people and it is very important to know the best tips for the first trip in Cruzeiro. That’s why I invited Nuno Ribeiro, author of the blog Cruzeiros, where you’ll find absolutely EVERYTHING about this type of trip. Nuno is a real cruise enthusiast – he made his first one in 2008 – and has been writing about it since 2010, bringing you the best tips.

It’s nothing new that taking a cruise traveling alone is still a bit complicated in relation to prices and, for this reason, I still don’t have many experiences to share with you! Until today my experience was a 7 day Cruise with the Iberostar Grand Amazon which was simply a fantastic experience.

What we can observe in relation to the Cruise Market is that it has been changing and is starting to look for solo travelers and even there are already companies that make a special price for solo travelers, as is the case of the Norwegian Cruise Line.

First timeā€¦ on a cruise.

If you are indecisive about taking a cruise, it will only be until the end of the reading of this article, because we will talk about the facilities, advantages and – above all – the joys of a holiday on the high seas!

All those who have already experienced a cruise are unanimous: “It’s a dream!”. But this article is not for them, it is for you who are about to decide to take a cruise for the first time in your life.

A cruise trip deserves an early assessment and research and is more the choice of a ship than of a route. However, the variety of itineraries and the fun on board will also surely excite you. The only thing we can’t guarantee is that after this article you won’t run to pack your bags!

Main reasons to take a cruise:

Price/quality ratio

Cruise prices are getting lower and lower, so it’s possible to travel on an excellent all-inclusive hotel ship for a relatively low price compared to the price of another type of trip. In addition, with the promotions from travel agencies, taking a cruise through the Mediterranean for 7 nights, for example, can be cheaper than a hotel in the Algarve in Portugal!

Various itineraries

By cruise it is possible to travel to various destinations and visit various cities without having to pack and unpack several times. Of course, each itinerary has its own conditions and prices, but if you start your search in advance you’ll quickly find what you’re looking for in an account.

Guaranteed activities and entertainment

A cruise is not just a ship with the same quality and benefits as a 5-star hotel. A cruise can have various services and activities all the time and is therefore known to allow a fairly high level of socialization and fun. It is swimming pools, jacuzis, bars and restaurants, casinos, movie and theatre halls, shops, gyms and spas, spaces to relax, excursions?

Meals for all tastes

One of the best things about a cruise is the extensive selection of dishes, including fantastic buffets, but if you prefer, there is also the possibility on some ships to eat in specialized restaurants, paying separately.

Families included

Cruises are for everyone: from baby to granny. If you are looking for a holiday that is perfect for both children and teenagers and that also has programmes for adults and better age, the cruise is the right choice because it offers activities for all age groups!

Ships for all tastes

The ideal cruise ship can be, for many, a mega ship filled with activities such as climbing walls and outdoor theater, while for others it can be a more intimate ship with calm and relaxing atmosphere. Fortunately all these types of cruise exist. Just choose the one that pleases you the most!

How to choose a cruise:

Duration of the trip

There are weekend cruises and there are trips that almost go around the world and can take months, but the average time for a standard cruise is one week to fifteen days.


There are options for all tastes. You can reach almost any corner of the world by ship, whether you want to sail from island to island through the Caribbean, watch whales in Alaska, visit tourist spots in Europe, visit South America or bathe in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. But the most popular cruises for those starting on this type of trip are the Mediterranean and the Greek Islands.

Best time to travel

The best time to take a cruise depends on your personal taste, financial availability and time. However, you should evaluate the relationship between the destination, weather conditions and price. Some of the best times to travel according to destinations:

  • Mediterranean, Atlantic islands, Portugal, France, Madeira and the Canary Islands – spring and autumn.
  • Greece, Turkey, Italy and Spain – Spring.
  • Scandinavia and Baltic – Late May to early September.
  • Great Britain and Ireland – Late summer and early autumn.
  • Alaska – Late June to mid-July.
  • Canada and New England – June to early September.
  • Caribbean – January, May and September.
  • Hawaii – April to October.
  • Mexican Riviera – September to January.
  • Northern Europe – May to August.
  • Panama Canal – April, September and early January.
  • South America – Between December and January.
  • Australia and New Zealand – From November to mid-March.

Port of shipment

If you live in a city with a port of embarkation, it will be more advantageous to select a ship that passes through there to avoid the need to acquire air tickets and displacement to other ports.

Cruise companies

Select the cruise company that best suits your personality, especially if it is your first time. Currently there are excellent companies operating on the most popular itineraries and at very competitive prices. Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruises, Costa Cruises or Pullmantur are companies that fit this profile.

There are also ships aimed at a certain type of target audience, for example, for the best age or children. The Disney Cruise Line, although more expensive, has as its preferred audience children and young people, but with a lot of entertainment also for adults.

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