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Price, comfort, structure and security. These are often the basic pillars when deciding on the best hotel service offerings for corporate travel. Therefore, the demand for lodging in boutique hotels has grown a lot in the Brazilian market, due to this increasingly demanding demand.

This type of boutique, which originated in the 1980s in the United States, has already been present in Brazil for some years. Its accommodations stand out from the others due to the high aesthetic standard, the personalization of the services and the impeccable quality of its services.

Do you want to find out why accommodation in a boutique hotel is an excellent option for your next business trips? Then continue reading this post!

Why invest in corporate travel?

In 2017 alone, surveys showed that approximately 60% of the trips made in Brazil were corporate. In other words, the private market invested R$64 million in transportation, hotels and food.

However, these were data collected by sampling – which, in other words, means that these values represent an even greater volume of spending, but not considered in the surveys.

The reason for investing so much is simple: trained employees need to be present in other cities or states on behalf of the companies. This is because, even with all the technological possibilities, such as meetings via videoconference, this more personalized touch in executive meetings is often the key to the success of good agreements.

What can a boutique hotel accommodation offer?

Employees who have experienced terrible experiences with hospitality services, such as poorly slept nights or delays in receiving meals in their rooms, recognize the impacts of these unforeseen events on the productivity of corporate travel.

Therefore, a good night’s sleep and agility in service are minimum requirements expected by travelers. However, to ensure greater comfort and more interesting results, it is important to always think about what is best in the hospitality market. After all, such costs are nothing more than real investments directed to the companies’ human capital.

Although they seem, at first, exaggerations, some amenities can be important details to ensure the well-being of employees. Thus, the inclusion of some extra options can make the difference, such as saunas to relax after long hours of work, a gym structured to alleviate stress, as well as room services 24 hours a day, every day of the week, those with little time to eat out.

Now what? Did you find it interesting what such services can offer? So the boutique hotel can be exactly what you’re looking for on your next corporate trip.

After all, hotels that offer this more sophisticated version of service consider the well-being and comfort of travelers as keywords during the entire period of stay – which influences the most promising and positive business results.

What are the advantages of the boutique hotel in corporate travel?

Boutique hotels offer a range of advantages so that travel and living expenses are absolutely beneficial for both travelers and businesses. Want to know why? Check out the main benefits of this boutique version below!

Personalization and style

A sense of well-being is present right from the start. That’s because the aesthetic works of the boutique rooms are the first differentials perceived by guests. With personalised decorative elements, the games of light, paintings and wall coverings combine elegance and sophistication in a single space.

However, this is only the beginning! This luxurious version of accommodation also offers packages that vary according to the needs of each client, as the option for co-workers with two single beds, without tightness.

In addition, to get a good start to the day or have a good time relaxing after a meeting marathon, boutique accommodation can include majestic indoor gardens, where you can even find jacuzzis and foot scalps!

Well-being and health

The physical health of guests is also another point that needs to be considered during corporate travel. After all, after many obligations have been met, unburdening one’s energies with good physical exercise practices is the key for employees to always feel motivated to continue their work with dedication and total dedication.

Therefore, boutique hotels go far beyond the care of the structure and support of the rooms. As part of the boutique packages, gyms equipped with all the necessary equipment are available 24 hours a day, such as a treadmill, exercise bike, weight training station and elliptical.

Corporate support for employees

More than a hotel, the boutique modality offers exclusive spaces for small meetings by guests. For this purpose, projectors, USB cables, mini refrigerators, air conditioning, chairs and tables are available in rooms prepared for this purpose.

In addition, everything is always maintained with absolute aesthetic and organizational care so that guests receive all the strength to achieve the best possible results in these executive meetings.

Now, if your company also believes in the potential of good strategic corporate lunches, then the advantages of boutique accommodation do not stop there! The kitchens of these hotels work with a fascinating variety of menus of Brazilian and international cuisine, giving that final touch to cause great impressions.

Strategic location

Time spent on travel can be a challenge for travelers – especially when in poorly known cities or cities with more intense traffic. For this reason, attention must be paid to choosing the shortest and fastest routes to travel without difficulty or stress.

Thus, the location where boutique hotels are located is another important factor. This is because they should preferably be in strategic regions, close to the main commercial points of these urban centers, such as in the Savassi neighborhood, in the city of Belo Horizonte, and in the Jardins neighborhood, in São Paulo.

In this way, unforeseen events can be better circumvented by traveling employees, avoiding delays or even cancellations of prosperous corporate agreements.

Therefore, on the next corporate trip, be sure to check everything that the boutique options have to offer. If you need help, count on Royal Boutique’s support. With exclusive discounts, we guarantee excellent accommodations with all the services included!

Do you want to see these and other advantages of boutique hotel accommodation like ours? Then get in touch with us now!

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