7 reasons to go to the beach



They say that during the summer months we are in a better mood, we smile more often, we are more extroverted, funny, cheerful… And the sun’s rays provide a unique energy.

It is also said that with the sea nearby we see life from another point of view, we are more optimistic, happier and better people. So why don’t we spend more time on the beach and enjoy all its benefits?

Today we present to you 7 reasons why you have to go to the beach this summer. There are many more, but we’ll leave you with the most important ones… And what other recommendations do you offer?

1. Life seems more relaxed

When we are on holiday or relaxing on the beach, the day seems to pass much more slowly, the hours are eternal and the daily activities seem to be on the pause button. Going to the beach improves your mood and relaxes your muscles… Who hasn’t noticed?

2. You brighten your eyes

It is the best place to delight our eyes, but be careful, if you don’t go alone, never leave your sunglasses with the dark glass at home. The glasses will help you see everything… without disturbing… the sun.

3. The water of the sea

It contains large quantities of salts, minerals and trace elements that have curative effects. When the body comes into contact with salt water, the skin surface is renewed in the body. Sea baths improve respiratory, cardiac, muscular, dermatological and rheumatic conditions, among others.

4. You can bathe even if it is raining

And that’s one of the greatest pleasures you can enjoy on a beach. Have you tried it? You have to do it at least once in your life… We advise you.

5. Sunset

Sunset is one of the best and most spectacular moments to photograph. It has been and is the inspiration of artists, painters and photographers, and is that the sunset on the horizon with the sea in the background is one of those little wonders that offers you life that no one should miss.

6. You can enjoy day and night

The beach is one of the privileged places that you can enjoy during the day and also at night. Listening to the sea or lying on the sand and seeing the stars relaxes anyone.

7. Free fun

Children and those of us who are so young have very little fun, sand is our main entertainment. Castles, bridges, tunnels or burying our friends and family in the sand are a sure fun on beach days.

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